Latest updates: Statistics Births 1850-1859 (8 June 2022), Focus on 1850-1899 (1 January 2022)

About the Study:

Welcome to my One Place Study (OPS) for Moerkapelle, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands. I started this OPS in October 2021. I became interested in Moerkapelle because it has been the home of at least one branch of my family for several generations. My main interest is in what the community of Moerkapelle was like, but I will probably also take a look at the surrounding polder (land made dry) de Wilde Veenen, as it is closely connected with the town itself in regards to the people living there, the work they were doing, and the growth of the town.

Though not a very large town, at least in the nineteenth century and before, Moerkapelle has a long history going back to around 1400, however it was only a separate municipality (Dutch: gemeente) from 1 April 1817 until 1 January 1991. Since I do not want to bite off more than I can chew, I am (for now) going to restrict myself to 1817-1950 (later years become more difficult, due to privacy concerns and restrictions on records), though leaving it open to 1991 at least on the development of the town front.

Map of Moerkapelle, circa 1870

Because I can’t do everything at once and I needed a place to start, I’ve decided to look at the 1850-1899 time period, as a lot of my ancestors lived in Moerkapelle during this time period. I am currently focusing on births, marriages and deaths in this time period.

Current and tasks I am working on:

  • Transcribing birth, marriage and death records of 1850-1899 into a database; with a current focus on 1850-1859
  • Analyzing birth data for birth rates, average age of fathers, the number of illegitimate children and other patterns
  • Get a feel of the professions and surnames present in the community during the 1850-1899 time period


Anyone interested in what I am doing, who has questions, or wants to join in the fun, is welcome to contact me (see the contact page). Databases I create will not be put online by me, as all records can be accessed through either the Streekarchief Hollands Midden or on Familysearch. However, I am happy to do lookups.

Image credit:

Home page image and center image on banner: public domain image of map, published by Hugo Suringar (Leeuwarden), held by Streekarchief Hollands Midden (sahm.nl, Gouda). Image can be found here.
Banner image left: public domain image of the Dorpsstraat in northern direction, ca. 1905, published by Boekhandel van Nooten – Schoonhoven, held by Streekarchief Hollands Midden (sahm.nl, Gouda). Image can be found here.
Banner image right: public domain image of the previous town hall, 15 juni 1970, published by Provincie Zuid-Holland, held by Streekarchief Hollands Midden (sahm.nl, Gouda). Image can be found here.